Here with you, here for you.

Rebecca Morningstar LaRose, co-founder of Wise Women Rise, opened the center to create a safe space for women to heal.   Over the last 10 years she has cultivated a healing arts practice that is deeply rooted in body positive and trauma informed approaches. She’s worked with several hundred people who are now more authentically connected to their bodies and the innate wisdom that resides within.

Rebecca completed a 720 hour Muscular Therapy program in 2009 and continued with a one year advanced injury and rehabilitation internship.  After providing prenatal massage for a number of years, Rebecca trained with toLabor as a doula in 2013 and provides full spectrum doula care in the MA/RI area.  She is a qualified practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®.  Her experience and extensive knowledge of reproductive health is evident in her childbirth classes, workshops and support offerings.

Rebecca is a preforming artist with the Survivor Theatre Project, a passionate social justice activist and feminist centered writer.  She holds regular Red Tent Temple gatherings, teaches empowering reproductive health classes and facilitates right of passage ceremonies. She is a second degree initiate of the Temple Mystery School and graduate of  Women In Power, Wise Wombyn Rising and a women’s leadership apprenticeship Priestess Path.  She has a deep love for wild spaces in nature and enjoys cultivating her spiritual practices while dancing in the mystery of the Sacred Feminine.

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Ways to Work with Rebecca

Arvigo® Therapy

Coming Home to Your Body: 1-on-1 coaching program

Massage & Bodywork

Birth services & education


Red Tent

Women’s Circles