What does self-care mean to me?

by Aramei Dragonsfyre I was am a busy-aholic as Brene Brown would say. A “good” day for me is being productive, or at least feeling productive from the moment I open my eyes to the moment I collapse into bed, exhausted. Here was my typical school year schedule after I had my daughter, when I [...]

red tent 1

What the Heck is a Red Tent?

When Rebecca suggested that my next blog piece be about Red Tent, I thought “No problem!” but as I sit here staring at my blank screen it feels overwhelming. This movement is much bigger than me, and has been explained much more eloquently in many other places*.    So rather than explain Red Tent as [...]

fire circle

PTSD and the Red Tent

I am about to share a personal story with you that feels quite vulnerable but very important, so bear with me! Rest assured I will not go into any details that may be triggering. I would think, man you can't just do this over a cup of coffee- you need a solid afternoon to parse [...]