womens march

We Are Women

we are Women black and white rich and poor whole and broken we are Love we are Love we are Love honoring our Differences celebrating our common Humanity pulling each other up in Sisterhood there is room on this Pedestal for ALL we are here we are here we are here swaying Hips embracing our [...]

red tent 1

What the Heck is a Red Tent?

When Rebecca suggested that my next blog piece be about Red Tent, I thought “No problem!” but as I sit here staring at my blank screen it feels overwhelming. This movement is much bigger than me, and has been explained much more eloquently in many other places*.    So rather than explain Red Tent as [...]

fire circle

PTSD and the Red Tent

I am about to share a personal story with you that feels quite vulnerable but very important, so bear with me! Rest assured I will not go into any details that may be triggering. I would think, man you can't just do this over a cup of coffee- you need a solid afternoon to parse [...]

so within so without

Meet the Artist: Sweetwater

Interview on May 8, 2017 by Aramei Dragonsfyre This is an interview with Kimberly “Sweetwater” King, this month's featured artist. Kimberly has been a regular attendee of our Red Tent Temple for some time now and it's been incredible to watch her grow and embrace her creativity and her artist self. it is an absolute [...]

Moonlight Dreams

Do you know how loved you are? How perfectly imperfect in your divinity? She whispers this in my ear at night and then I wake and forget or I re-learn what society keeps telling me You're not enough- buy this product You're too much- join this gym Make yourself smaller and more invisible Then at [...]