Self challenge- day 9

Today's the final day of my challenge. What have I learned from this exercise? Pushing my comfort zone is a good thing, but should not be an exercise in self-punishment. I'm an all-in, dog with a bone, deep dive type of person. This has a lot of positive consequences: when I'm in, I'm ALL in [...]

Self challenge- day 7

My two cents on the #metoo phenomenon and the implosion of Hollywood and politics... A few months ago, on another one of my weekends at Wisdom of the Journey, we went to the spirits of the land and asked what do we most need to know about what's happening in the world? I was told [...]

Self Challenge- Day 6

I have a love/hate relationship with doing deep personal work. I love seeing how far I can stretch, discovering, uncovering pieces of myself that I didn't know existed or that I thought were lost. I hate the raw feeling, that overexposed, did I say too much, am I too "out there"? feeling that makes me [...]

Self challenge- day 5

I'm blogging from my phone so bear with me and any autocorrect issues that may arise! This weekend is the second to last in the 9 month shamanic journeywork intensive I've been attending. We are at a wonderful place with a nice wooded trail that until this weekend I've been completely unable to use. Today [...]

Self Challenge- Day 4

We returned to the "magick forest" today. I live in a tiny New England town called Hopedale, with a very interesting past- others have much more knowledge than I on its history. In the center of town there is a pond, and a well worn path that winds through the surrounding woods. Here is a [...]

Self challenge- day 2

It wasn't even 8am and I already had a million reasons (excuses) to not continue my challenge. Some of them are even good! Trying to invent more hours in the day is my constant struggle. Also trying to waste less hours. Sigh. I have nothing interesting to say today but I'm going to accept it. [...]

Self Challenge- Day 1

Gentle Reader, I've been feeling blocked lately, even uninspired. I was sick for the first half of October and when I came out of it it's like I was lost. In an attempt to get things moving again, I am challenging myself to write something for the blog every day for 9 days. Why now? [...]

Making Friends with Anger

Note: I found this entry in my journal from April of this year. The funny thing about anger is that I no longer remember what I was so angry about. I think it's a good lesson for me that even when I am on the verge of a meltdown- full toddler tantrum level anger- that [...]