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It is our mission to create a space where all women who enter feel comfortable and supported. We want to help you feel more whole and empowered than ever before. Here you will find women healing old stories like “I’m the only one…” through women’s circles, filling in knowledge with everything they DIDN’T cover in health class, feeling at peace with themselves and their bodies. We are a whole-body (and mind, and spirit!) wellness center rooted in wise woman ways. We hope you will join us! Book a class or service online today.

Wise Women Rise is a true collaborative – our space is available to women in the community to display and sell their art or share their knowledge through workshops. Contact us with questions or proposals!

We understand intersectionality, and our space is trans-inclusive. All women and their allies have a safe space here!

Reiki with Aramei is a very unique experience. She begins by asking questions and assessing where her client is, finding out what kind of healing is most needed in the moment. Her intuition is spot-on as she begins to scan the body. As a highly skilled healer and Reiki practitioner she brings warm, soothing, healing energy to the areas of the body which need it most. She has brought opening, relaxation, and healing to my life on many levels. Thank you Aramei!

Emily from Uxbridge

I soooo wish I still lived in your area, as I cannot find anyone that does a massage like you do! I went to you to help with migraines, per doctor’s orders, and had weekly sessions with you for a month, and then tapered off once the migraines stopped. You truly seemed to be able to tell where the problem areas were even without me giving you clues. I think you have magic hands, and definitely a natural talent! My migraines stopped, tension was relieved, and I learned techniques from you to help myself when the tension returns.
I highly recommend Becky LaRose if you are considering massage. I’m now in Texas and thus too far away to take advantage of her skill, but she is by far the best that I have experienced.