Women’s Holistic Health

Our goal is to work together with women, empowering you on a path to wholeness. Make an appointment to co-create your individual plan for physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

The monthly Red Tent women’s circles provide me a safe space to uncover more of myself. This has arisen from the stories we share while being soulfully present with each other. These circles continue to teach me to heal and love the hidden wounded pieces of my being. In doing so, I lovingly encourage myself to be authentic within other environments and relationships of my life.

Ann R., Hopedale

I highly recommend to my family and friends that they consider hiring a birth doula, after our experience with Becky during the preparation for and birth of our second child. We were initially unsure of inviting someone else into the delivery experience with us, but our uncertainty faded away as soon as we met Becky. She is a warm, calm and caring professional and a mother. She instantly set us at ease. During labor and delivery (when all of the wisdom from birthing classes is far from your mind), she provided soothing support, advocated for our wishes to be honored, and allowed my husband and I to be focused on bringing our baby into the world. Our son was born very quickly and easily. As the nurse prepared to cut him out of the caul (he was born with the amniotic sac intact), we weren’t sure what was happening, but we were comforted by her presence. My husband stayed by my face (instead of rushing over to see what was happening and evaluate whether he needed to intervene as he had done with our first). We didn’t end up with a long or complicated labor, but we were blessed with a level of serenity and peacefulness that we didn’t know was possible in a hospital setting. She emerged when needed and faded into the background to allow us to have our special moments. It was a beautiful dance. I cannot recommend Becky highly enough.

V.K. Warren, RI

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